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Are you curious about the Wheel of the Year?

Have you ever felt like maybe you are missing something obvious that could bring more calm and ease into your days? 

Something that could help you feel more supported and relaxed no matter what else is going on around you?

(Nope, this is not a pharmaceutical commercial! Lol)

Are you familiar with the Wheel of the Year?  Are you curious about it and would like to learn more?

Join us and set your intentions for a magical autumn
The Autumn Equinox New Moon Circle

In a world that always seems to be pushing us with urgency through linear time, offering us an endless supply of information and stimulation, it can be deeply nourishing and healing to allow ourselves to relax into a more natural relationship with the Earth, the moon, the sun, the stars, the seasons, and with our bodies.

Honoring these cycles and seasons by leaning into the Wheel of the Year offers us guideposts and rituals to help support us in aligning ourselves with a deeper rhythm.  A rhythm that offers us times to dream and times to grow, times to plan and times to create, times to connect and times to rest. A rhythm that our bodies and our souls often recognize as a feeling of coming home to a more sacred and familiar place once we begin to allow ourselves to remember.

If you would you like to learn some very practical and simple ways of leaning into these guideposts and rituals to bring more calm and ease into your days, I hope you’ll join us Thursday night.

The Autumn Equinox New Moon Gathering

Free and Online with Juli & Anjali

Thursday September 17th | 7-8:30 PM EST Click here for more info & to register.

Anjali Budreski and I will be sharing more about the Wheel of the Year, where the Autumn Equinox fits into the wheel and what opportunities it offers us, and how the New Moon can support us in sowing seeds for a more graceful ending to this crazy year.

We will be circling together and offering you specific actions that you can take to honor this season of harvest and reflection and we will help you end this challenging year with more ease, beauty, and grace in your days.

Please join us to explore these gifts and circle with us in sacred space for a guided meditation, journaling, sharing, and more.

We have a really sweet gift that we have created for everyone who registers too.  If you can’t make it live Thursday, be sure to register to get the recording and the gift.

Oh, and it’s all FREE.

If you are already signed up- yay!  We are thrilled and we can’t wait to circle with you.

With lots of love,


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