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My current book stack & a revelation about my brain

Are you like this too? I am always surrounded by stacks of books. Sometimes I question my attention span and wonder if my phone and the internet have forever changed my brain so that I struggle to maintain my focus on one book at a time.

But two things save me:

  1. I remember that I have ALWAYS had a book stack. Long before iPhones. Long before the internet (because I am old enough to remember a couple of decades of life before the internet), I always had piles of books around and I always jumped from one to the other. I am just interested in SO.MANY.THINGS.

  2. Every once in a while, one book comes along that stops me in my tracks and grabs hold of my attention so completely that I can't put it down. And that reminds me that (thank goodness) my brain is still capable of focusing on one thing at a time. AND I am reminded of what an enormous pleasure it is to be absolutely consumed by the love of a book.

I have great affection for all the books in my current stack. They are wonderful and inspiring and all the things. But, right now, The Way of the Seabhean by Amantha Murphy has me spellbound. It is as if I have been thirsty for years but had no idea what for and I have finally found the thing to quench my thirst.

If you are interested in Celtic Spirituality, Irish Goddesses, the Tree of Life, and the Wheel of the Year, stop right now and go get this book. I think you will be spellbound too.

I also recommend listening to a wonderful podcast interview with Amantha on the Home to Her Podcast. I was so glad that I listened to it before I started reading the book, her voice is now in my mind as I read and it is lovely.

Happy reading, anam cara (soul friend). xo


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