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Recommended Resources

Below are links and recommendations for my favorite resources to help support you in exploring sacred feminine spirituality and feeling more aligned and alive.

Teachers, Programs & Groups:

Priestess Presence: Temple and School of Sacred Arts

Rosa Mystica Mystery School

Emerald Temple Annointing Oils

Meggan Watterson: The House of Mary Magdalene

Venus Alchemy

Anjali Budreski:  Soul Coaching & Yoga

Institute for Integrative Nutrition: Health Coach Training Program


RED: Elayne Kalila
The origin story of your sovereign power.

The Priestess Podcast

Divine Feminine, Goddess Culture, Women's Spirituality, and Soulful Business

The BBC's 13-part series on what it means to be a witch now.

Empowering Midlife Wellness
with Dr. Susan Hardwick-Smith


Someday I will get around to creating this book list for you!

Oracle & Tarot Decks:

The Mary Magdalene Oracle

The Magdalene Rose Oracle

The Rose Oracle

The Divine Feminine Oracle

The 13 Moon Oracle

The Moonchild Tarot (Juli's favorite tarot deck!)

The Starchild Tarot

The Wild Unknown Archetypes Deck

Mystic Sisters Oracle Deck

Herbal Ingredients and Plant Medicine:

Mountain Rose Herbs

The Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education

Other magical tools, products, & shops: a beautiful woman-owned shop for all things witchy and wonderful

Beeswax Candles- Big Dipper Wax Works

SeaWitch Botanicals- Juli's favorite Incense (try Quoth the Raven!) & more
A woman-owned Certified B corp business committed to
conscious business and ethical practices.


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