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If you are longing for a deeper relationship with the sacred in your everyday life, a container of beautiful sisterhood, and a sacred feminine spiritual “home”, we’ve been waiting for you. 


Join us for a year of devotion to living the spiral path and deepen into the divine nature of your soul in your daily life.


Celebrate the Wheel of the Year, the Lunar Cycles, and the Venus Cycle in 2024.


Together, we will celebrate the seasonal cycles of the Earth, the new and full phases of the moon, and the mysteries of the Sisterhood of the Rose through the Venus cycle.


There is nothing to fix here.  In this Temple, we nourish our hearts with the remembrance of our sovereign divinity, we gather in sacred space to listen more deeply to the voice of our soul and the messages of the unseen world, and we bless the world around us by walking as love in our everyday lives.


Join us and be held in a sisterhood of devotion and love. 

Join us as we enter into a new year in the quiet darkness between the Winter Solstice and Imbolc. 


If you have been following the cycles of the Moon and the Wheel of the Year and you are also longing for an even deeper relationship to your connection with the earth, the stars, the soul language of the unseen universe, and your inner divinity, please join us in Devoted.

For the full year of 2024, we will follow the Wheel of the Year and the Lunar cycles while we weave in even deeper magic by following the archetypal and initiatory sacred feminine journey of Venus.


On August 20, 2023, Venus rose in the sky as the Morning Star in the Astrological sign of Leo. Following the journey of Venus through the sky supports us in dropping into an ancient wisdom of a transformational cycle that humans have been following for thousands of years. The ancient Sumerians were the first to write down the archetypal transformation story of the Venus cycle through their story of the Goddess, Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth.  But many other cultures have told their versions of this story of transformation, descent, release, and ascent through the energy centers (chakras) of the body, and it is an ancient wisdom that is completely relevant to our modern lives.


This journey is also deeply connected to the rising of the divine feminine, the dismantling of the patriarchal structures in our culture, sisterhood wounds and witch wounds, Christ Consciousness, the Magdalene mysteries, and the Sisterhood of the Rose, and we will be exploring all of these connections together throughout our year of Devoted.


The cycle that began in August 2023 is the Leo Meta Goddess Cycle and is all about releasing what no longer serves us in order to step into our fully expressed, creative, sovereign selves with radical self-love. So, while this is a deeply personal journey, it is also a universal one, and gathering in sacred space to journey through the cycles together is incredibly powerful and assists each of us in amplifying both our own transformation and the universal transformation of the planet and humanity.

Because, one thing I know for sure is that while a Devoted spiritual practice can deeply nourish our souls and our hearts, it is without real meaning if we do not also turn that nourishment outward and ask- how can our personal, spiritual journey best serve our families, our communities,  and humanity?  This is something we will consistently explore together in Devoted.

Whether you are longing for a sacred feminine home for your spiritual practice, ready for radical self-love, or just desiring to be in a sacred and supportive community with other magical women, I hope you will join us in Devoted.

2024 Gathering Dates:

Eight Virtual Wheel of the Year Gathering Dates with Juli & Anjali Budreski (recorded in case you can’t attend live)*:

Thursday Feb 1                               Imbolc

Thursday March 21                        Ostara- Spring Equinox

Thursday May 2                              Beltaine

Thursday June 13th                        Litha- Summer Solstice

Thursday Aug 1                               Lughnasadh

Thursday Sept 19                            Mabon- Fall Equinox

Thursday Nov 7                               Samhain

Thursday Dec 19                             Yule- Winter Solstice


Eight In-person Sisterhood of the Rose Temple Gathering Dates at The Moonwilde Temple*:

Sunday Jan 14                                  Venus Morning Star 5th Gate

Sunday Feb 11                                 Venus Morning Star 6th Gate

Sunday March 10                            Venus Morning Star 7th Gate

Sunday June 9                                Venus Underworld

Sunday Aug 4 (New Date)             Venus Evening Star Rise+ 1st Gate

Sunday Sept 8                                 Venus Evening Star 2nd Gate

Sunday Oct 6                                   Venus Evening Star 3rd and 4th Gate

Sunday Dec 8                                  Venus Evening Star 5th Gate

Note: In-person Temple Gatherings have limited spaces available.  


SACRED: The Samhain Three-Day Retreat with Juli & Anjali Budreski in Vermont

Sterling Forest Lodge | Stowe, VT

Thursday, Oct 31- Sunday, Nov 3, 2024


Limited to 12 participants



In-person Temple events 5-7/7:30 PM

Virtual Temple events 7:15-8:30 PM

Retreat times to be announced


Do I need to understand the Lunar Cycles, Wheel of the Year, and Venus Cycle to enjoy these gatherings?
Whether you know a little, a lot, or nothing at all about these cycles, you can benefit from and enjoy the gatherings.. If you have been following a sacred feminine spiritual practice for some time, these events are an opportunity to deepen into your practice in sacred sisterhood.  If you are new to a sacred feminine spiritual practice, the lessons and companion guides in the membership will serve as both an introduction and a deepening to accompany you on your journey.

Where will I access the recordings of the online circles?
All of the recordings will be uploaded to a private, password protected page on my website and you will be emailed the link and password within 1-3 days following the event. 

Are these gatherings for me?

If you long to make your daily life more sacred and drop into a sacred container that helps to hold you in a rhythm for honoring the cycles of the earth, the moon, and the stars, these gatherings may be for you.

If you would enjoy sharing this experience with other women thie offers you the opportunity to be a part of a sacred community and enjoy the experience of deepening into your sacred path with a sisterhood of other women.


Why did I create the Moonwilde Temple?

I’ve spent the past five years deeply devoted to developing my own sacred feminine practice. These gatherings are my way of bringing all I have learned and practiced into a sacred container where you can find everything you need to create your own sacred system all in one place. I also know from my personal experience that sharing this journey with other sisters adds incredible depth and meaning to these practices.

Who is welcome at these gatherings?

Any sister who identifies as a woman—whether female-born or not—is welcome into this sacred space.

What if I have questions?

You are welcome to email Juli with any questions.

Our Sacred Agreements

In the Moonwilde Temple, we agree:


We are part of an alchemical space in which everything and everyone is interconnected and each person sits on their throne of sovereignty. To maintain the integrity of an alchemical container, together, we agree to:


Everything shared in this temple is confidential. We agree to not share another’s experience without their direct permission.

Sacred Witness

We do not need to fix, change, or advise anyone in their time of transformation or challenge. Unless specifically asked for advice and deeper insights/patterns/reflections to be shared, please “witness” instead. This is an empowering act that encourages each person to listen to their inner wisdom and guidance.

Self-authority and Self-responsibility

You do not need to ask permission of anyone in this circle; we are a circle of equals. Please feel this in your heart. You KNOW what is true for you. Do not partake in any practice that does not feel in alignment with your deeper knowing or calling. You are responsible for your presence, energy, and words.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.

About Juli Ford: Your Devoted Guide

Juli is a Sacred Temple Guide, a Holistic Health Coach, and a songwriter.  She is the founder and temple keeper of the Moonwilde Temple of the Rose in her hometown of Pembroke, Massachusetts where she holds monthly temple gatherings in person and virtually. She has co-led an annual Samhain retreat for women in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom for over ten years.


Juli has been deeply fascinated by the Magdalene since she was a young child and is devoted to walking the Way of Love. Since 2008, she has been a coach in devotion to deep spiritual study and practice. In 2011, she had the great privilege of caring for her father through his illness and accompanying him on his journey across the threshold, and it profoundly transformed her understanding of herself as a priestess and soul guide. 


She has been a member of the Priestess Presence Temple and School of the Sacred Arts since 2018, where she has participated in Answering the Call, Essence Circle, Temple Guide Training, and is now entering her second year of Anointing Priestess training in the Rosa Mystica Mystery School as an Anam Cara mentor for first-year students.


Juli is a mom to two college students who she home-schooled for 10 years and is married to her love of more than 20 years. When she is not holding retreats and temple circles or studying Scent Priestessing, Juli is a Life Transitions Realtor and Certified Senior Advisor, supporting older adults and their families in envisioning their next steps and helping them navigate major life transitions with compassion and love. She is also a student of Doula Givers, where she is studying for her certification in End-of-Life Care.


More about Juli:

Priestess Leadership Style and Archetype: The Mystic & The Weaver-Dreamer

Magdalene Archetype: Rosa Mystica

Blood Ancestry/Lineage: Irish, English, Scottish

Priestess Gifts: Grounded Visionary, Intuitive/Psychic, Storyteller, Songstress, Seasonal & Cyclical Living Guide, Sacred Space Holder, Strategic Connector + Implementor, Creator of Beauty and Resonant, Heart-Healing Spaces

Temple Keeper Oil: Frankincense (Communion with the Immortal, Immortal Beloved)

You can learn more about Juli’s Priestess studies and lineages here: Priestess Presence and Rosa Mystica Mystery School.

You can learn more about Juli's work with older adults facing major life transitions at Dovetail

You can learn more about Juli's studies to become an End-of-Life Care Doula at Doula Givers Institute.

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