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A First Quarter Waxing Moon Ritual

The first quarter waxing moon is the time to set our New Moon intentions into motion. While the energy of the New Moon is introspective (we get quiet so we can hear our inner knowing), the energy of the First Quarter Moon is more active. It is the perfect time to actively manifest our intentions.

If you have been hanging around with me for a while, you know that I love ritual and magic AND I love "real-world" action. The beauty of moon rituals is that they harness the energy of our intentions to infuse the actions we take in the material world with our power and magic.

Here is a simple manifesting ritual for the First Quarter Waxing Moon:

1. Set your sacred space. It can be your altar or a tabletop where you place a candle, perhaps some flowers, crystals, and any other objects that represent your sacred path. Light your candle and play music that evokes the feeling you want to create (I love this playlist.)

2. Choose an object to infuse with your intentions and place it on your altar. The moon is in Gemini, an air sign, for most of the weekend as I write this so I love the idea of a feather or a sword. You could also choose water to represent Pisces season or any object that resonates with you.

3. Call in the energy of a spirit guide or goddess to support your intentions. I like to pull an oracle card and set it on my altar.

4. Write or say aloud your new moon intention. If it feels good to you, repeat it several times (pick a number you like!). Hint: Use words that assume you have already created your intention, for example: "I have created a sacred morning ritual that I love."

5. Sit and take a few deep breaths with your attention focused on your object for as long as you like. Infuse the object with your intention and let it live on your altar for this moon cycle.

6. Complete your ritual with a poem or a simple phrase such as "And so it is." 7. Take action! Your ritual magic needs to meet your actions in the material world. Happy Manifesting!


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