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A bumpy start to my Word of the Year

How are you doing? It's been a bit of a rocky start to the new year. Astrologers told us we could expect some turbulence. I didn't expect to feel quite so off-kilter. But before I share about that, I wanted to share a gift I made for you.

And, if you only have a minute, here are the quick links to what's coming up in the next month: 1. Download your FREE January Moon Cycle Journal Guide here. 2. Register for the FREE New Moon Sister Circle this Thursday, Jan 14th at 7 PM EST here. 3. Register for the next Soul Circle Sunday & Imbolc Celebration here. I recommend popping over to download the journal guide now because I am sharing it just in time for you to use it to help set your intentions for the New Moon in Capricorn, which begins tonight just after midnight. We will be diving deeper into that at this Thursday's New Moon Sister Circle too. I created this Moon Cycle Journal Guide to help you work with the energy of the season in the Wheel of the Year and the new and full moons in the coming "moonth". It is designed specifically for this moon cycle so jump on over and download your free copy! You're welcome! So back to the turbulence... I chose my Word of the Year nearly two weeks ago and shared about it a bit at our New Year's Day Workshop & Ritual. My word is Luminous. I chose it to help me stay inspired by the most important thing I need to focus on this year, which is my physical health. I started off the year strongly focused and I was feeling really clear and supported. Last Wednesday morning, Jan 6th, I woke up thrilled with the election results in Georgia and felt well-resourced to help a family member get through a surgical procedure that day. My 8 AM resolve got me through until about 2 PM even though the morning was tough and stressful (my family member is fine, but these things can be pretty draining and scary). My commitment to Luminous was still holding on pretty well. Then, well, you know what happened in DC on the afternoon of January 6th and, by Thursday, I found that my resources for managing my stress felt very drained. And my commitment to my wellness routine began to wane. I ate a lot of things I didn't plan to eat. I watched too much news on TV. I stayed up too late and slept too little for a few days. It reminded me how fragile we can sometimes feel at the beginning of a journey back from a struggle. And, well, here I am. Still shaken, like most of us are, I think. But gently finding my way back to my north star word: Luminous. I'll be sharing more about my wellness journey this year. It has been and continues to be, a challenging path for me for several years now. But I think sharing the bumps in our roads is what connects us and helps us to keep going. If you think so too, I hope you'll stay tuned. And if you'd like to join us in what I consider my absolute non-negotiable self-care (circling with other soulful women in sacred space), I hope you'll join us this Thursday night for our FREE monthly New Moon Sister Circle to witness each other and set our intentions for the "moonth" to come. With so much love and prayers for cooler heads prevailing in our country, Juli PS: Have you joined us in the New Moon Sister Circle Facebook group? It's a great place to share, be witnessed, and ask for reflections if you'd like support on your sacred path to living in alignment with the seasons, the stars, the earth, and the moon. (Be sure to answer all of the membership questions when you request to join so we can approve you right away!) *Register here to join us for FREE on Thursday, January 14th from 7-8:30 PM EST.


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