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The Extra Boost of Magic behind Days 29-40 of the Autumn Magic Guide-Spiral Deeper with Us

Let's dive into some of the secrets behind the guide that will help you understand why Days 29-40 of our 40 Days of Autumn Magic align perfectly with the season and the moon phases to give you an extra boost of magic as we journey deeper into Autumn together.

A special note- Mercury is still retrograde until November 3. It is especially important to slow down and give details your full attention right now. Communication and technology can get confusing during this time.

On D

ays 29 through 40 (October 20 to 31, 2020), the moon is in its waxing phase, reaching its fullness on October 31. We are moving into the phase of taking action on your plans and coming into full visibility. Now is a beautiful time to work with the energy of growth as the moon grows in fullness. It is also a perfect time to consider what you need to release to continue your growth in harmony with your desires.

On Days 29 and 30, the moon is in the fire sign of SAGITTARIUS, a sign of WONDER. We are working with the energy of fire, which is the energy of desire and initiation. A question for deeper inquiry now might be- what do I want to create in my life in this final burst of the beauty of Autumn?

On Days 31 and 32, the moon is in the earth sign of CAPRICORN, a sign of ACHIEVEMENT. We are working with the energy of earth, which is the energy of the material world and the tangible. And since this guide is designed to help you slow down into this time of year, an opportunity for deeper inquiry here may be- where am I pushing too hard to achieve in my life right now? Can I put things into action with more ease?

On Days 33 and 34, the moon is in the air sign of AQUARIUS, a sign of KNOWING. We are tuning into our intuition and working with the energy of air, which is the energy of our minds and of wisdom. A deeper inquiry now could be- what do I intuitively know that will help me grow with less effort?

On Days 35 and 36, the moon is in the water sign of PISCES, a sign of SPIRITUALITY and COMPASSION. There is a lot of water in the sky right now with the sun in Scorpio and the moon in Pisces. We may be feeling more intense and passionate, but we could also feel drained with the intensity of it all. Can you let yourself sink a bit into the softer side of this emotional energy?

On Days 37 and 38, the moon is in the fire sign of ARIES, a sign of LEADERSHIP. We may be feeling motivated with the cardinal fire energy of beginning things as we approach this full moon, but since we are also moving towards the darker season of dreaming and winter's fertile void, a question for deeper inquiry now could be- how can I express leadership in my life with less attachment and more trust?

On Days 39 and 40, the moon is in the earth sign of TAURUS, a sign of SENSUALITY and PRACTICALITY, and it is a FULL MOON. A FULL MOON on Halloween, the Eve of Samhain! This is a very intense and witchy energy as the veils between the realms are at their thinnest and the moon is at its brightest. What are you ready to release now and what are you ready to SEE in a whole new light?

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