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I used to think I was a type-A extrovert who could keep my spice cabinet alphabetized and be happy giving cooking lessons
as a nutrition coach.


I was WRONG.


It took turning 40 (I’m now 54), struggling with the uncertainty of perimenopause, and losing my beloved Dad too soon, for me to begin to remember who I really am and why my soul chose to return here in this lifetime.


I knew I was a Sagittarius Sun who loved travel and new experiences, but I didn’t understand that my Capricorn Moon compelled me to find meaning through my work, and my Aries Rising compelled me to jump into new projects over and over again. I LOVE to start things.


I knew I loved people, but I didn’t understand why
it was solitude that fueled me. 

I knew I was naturally organized and highly driven, but I had no idea it was my soul’s desire for freedom that had me skipping half of high school, deliberately pushing work deadlines to the very last minute (I still do that and, no apologies, it works for me), and homeschooling my kids so we could find a different way of approaching education together.


When I was 25, I quit my well-paying job to be a live-in housekeeper for a wealthy family in another state because I felt stuck.  I lasted five months, then came home and decided on a whim to be a singer-songwriter.  That was a better fit and lasted five years.


The clues were there all along.  I never felt like I fit in.  I was always searching for the greater meaning in everything and
trying to figure out why I am here.


Through my spiritual explorations and my training as a holistic health coach, I found my way to women’s circles and retreats. The very first time I sat on the floor in a sacred circle of women more than 12 years ago, I felt it.  That thing I had been looking for all my life. 


A place I belonged.


It would be inaccurate to say that the rest of my seeking fell away after that.  But it is true that it took on an entirely different feel.


When I began sitting in sacred circles with other women, I woke up to a memory that was ancient and a truth that was so alive in me that it still brings tears to my eyes every time I think of it.


We are here to witness one another.  We are each here in this time on our own soul’s path to evolve in our unique way. And here is what I know in my bones: 

When we circle together as women, we remember

who we are and why we are here. 


And when we witness each other’s divine evolution, we add powerful fuel to the fire of our growth and invaluable, comforting support to the inevitable hard parts of being human.


It is my great honor to hold sacred temple space for women to come together on our journey of spiritual growth and exploration. 


I am here to share the adventure, the exploration, the laughter, and the tears with you along the journey of our

divine human experience together.

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