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If you are longing for a deeper relationship with the sacred in your everyday life, a container of beautiful sisterhood, and a sacred feminine spiritual “home”, we’ve been waiting for you.


Join me for a year of devotion to living the spiral path and deepen into

the divine nature of your soul in your daily life.


Celebrate the Wheel of the Year, the Lunar Cycles, and the Venus Cycle in 2024


Together, we will celebrate the seasonal cycles of the Earth, the new and full phases of the moon, and the mysteries of the Sisterhood of the Rose through the Venus cycle.

Hi, I'm Juli.

There is a sacred cycle to everything, and it is available to all of us at all times.




The Moonwilde Temple is my dream come true, a place where we can gather together to feel our magic, connect to the divine within, and shine our light back out into the world of our daily lives. 



The Temple is open!  Join us for in-person and online events in 2024. 
If you'd like updates on upcoming events, drop your name and email below.

Thanks! I'll be in touch when I have updates.

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What women say about our gatherings...


Each of us brought and shared a piece of ourselves with everyone on the retreat. I love embodied retreats!

This retreat helps me return to my essence and savor the little pleasures in life.


Her willingness to share so openly helps all of the retreat participants feel safe to share and support one another.


Every year I take so much home with me from this retreat.  I am so grateful for these wonderful women.



Messages from Juli

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