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Looking for real-life support and expert guidance for mid-life challenges?

  You're in the right place.

Hi, I'm Juli.

I am devoted to supporting women in mid-life to feel more peaceful, connected, and joyful in their daily lives.

If you are faced with more than you think you can hold (aging parents, career changes, young adult children, grief and loss, menopause and shifting health challenges) I'm here to offer both practical and soul-lifting inspiration and resources to help you feel more aligned with your true self and more supported in your real life.


One of my favorite things about being in my fifties is that everything I've done in my life so far is finally coming together and making a new kind of sense to me.

For years, I could not imagine how my careers as a nonprofit housing professional, a holistic health coach, and a real estate agent would eventually merge with my deep devotion to sacred feminine spirituality, my priestess training in an ancient mystery school, and my current training as an End of Life Doula.


And now, after raising my children, going through menopause, sitting bedside by my Dad holding his hand as he transitioned to the next world, and walking the path of aging and end-of-life planning with my Mom, everything suddenly makes sense.


There was a plan all along.  I just had to become the woman who lived it and could see it so I could help you navigate these waters too. 

Juli Ford
Certified Senior Advisor®, Certified Health Coach, Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Ceremonial Temple Guide and Death Doula in-Training

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What women say about our gatherings...



Each of us brought and shared a piece of ourselves with everyone on the retreat. I love embodied retreats!


This retreat helps me return to my essence and savor the little pleasures in life.


Her willingness to share so openly helps all of the retreat participants feel safe to share and support one another.


Every year I take so much home with me from this retreat.  I am so grateful for these wonderful women.

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