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YOU are the SPRING + YOU are the FIRE

Happy Spring to you, beloved friend.

I am beaming in today to remind you that YOU are the SPRING. AND YOU are the FIRE.

Why do we honor the seasons and cycles in the Wheel of the Year and the phases of the Moon? At the simplest level, it is because we ARE the seasons and the phases. We ARE the earth and the waters and the skies and the moon.

Celebrating the Spring Equinox today is celebrating the balance in all things weaving out and back in again.

Celebrating the Spring Equinox today is celebrating the Sacred Feminine in all things- our divine connection to our divinity, our bodies, and to the place where we live.

This is why this Sacred Feminine path that we walk together is inextricably woven with the path of equality and respect for all beings.

We may be drawn to the beauty of Sacred Feminine spirituality- the candles, and flowers, and moonlight, and gorgeous oracle cards. The connection to each other, the ritual circles, and quiet moments of meditation and reflection.

But the path of Sacred Feminine spirituality is just as much about wielding the divine and fierce sword of our sacred feminine power in defense of equality and the inherent value of every living being.

The path of Sacred Feminine spirituality is the path of the lover and the warrior. It can be no other way. When we remember our divinity, we remember what has been stolen from women, particularly over the past several hundred years. It is impossible to lift ourselves, as women, from the destruction of the patriarchy without also lifting everyone else who has been oppressed and hurt along with us. Every one.

On this Spring Equinox, this day of celebrating the balance of the day and the night, we also enter Aries season- a sign of initiation and FIRE energy. As we look forward to more sunshine, warmth, and the energy of beginnings coming our way, can we ask ourselves: Where am I shining my light into the darkness? Where am I helping to bring our world into greater harmony and balance? Where am I willing to stand up and wield the divine sword of justice?

I am reminded of two Celtic Goddesses today- Boann, who brought the milky way down through her breasts to create the river Boyne and nourish the land; and Boudicca, the courageous warrior queen who fought for freedom from oppression, for herself, and all the Celtic tribes of Britain. Who are you nourishing? And who are you helping to free from oppression? This is the path of the Sacred Feminine. This is the path of planting gardens AND standing up against hateful, dehumanizing, harmful rhetoric every time we hear it-whether it is on social media or at the dinner table.

Please join me in praying for our Asian sisters who violently lost their lives this week and for their loved ones. If you would like to lend your support, please consider visiting the National Asian Pacific Women's Forum. From their site: "NAPAWF is the only organization focused on building power with AAPI women and girls to influence critical decisions that affect our lives, our families and our communities. Using a reproductive justice framework, we elevate AAPI women and girls to impact policy and drive systemic change in the United States."

Happy Spring Equinox, dear soul friend. Together, let's seek the balance of divine harmony and fierce love.

With so much love,


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