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What calls to your soul?

Is it Wednesday yet? How are you doing? Honestly, I feel like I am holding my breath. Waiting for Wednesday. Praying for a peaceful inauguration day. Dreaming of a new era.

And while we are waiting, I want to share something beautiful with you.

I was working on updating my website this weekend to reflect the direction my work is taking now and who I feel I am evolving into (or deepening into is really a more accurate way to describe it). I've been feeling like it is all coming together for me in such a natural way that I am just letting it happen. No big announcements or launches of my new brand.

Just arriving and living in it and sharing it with you as it evolves.

As I was working, I was thinking about my love of exploring new spiritual paths, journeying into new realms of sacred learnings. And I was thinking of how similar it is to my love of travel and the juxtaposition to my love of just being home. It's why my favorite way to travel is to live in someone else's apartment or house (I really don't love hotels) and eat and shop and hang out with local folks.

And just as I was immersed in this work, Rod shared this video with me called the Imaginary Tourist.

Have you seen it? It is about a poet, Luis Martinez, who has written more than 3,000 poems about cities and landmarks all over the world. But he has never left Cuba.

How did he do it? He read. He studied maps. He talked with tourists. He traveled in his imagination. And he created a body of work, of art, that is fantastic in its beauty and its breadth.

It got me thinking about what is possible for each of us. Perhaps especially during this time of ongoing limitations to our physical travels. What is available to us when we direct our attention, not towards our limitations but, instead, towards what calls to our soul?

Thinking of that helped me breathe a little easier this week and turn my attention away from the news just a bit more and towards what calls to my soul.

I hope it does the same for you. I hope you'll love "meeting" Luis Martinez, the Imaginary Tourist, as much as I did.

With so much love (this week especially),


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