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The Goddess in the Grocery Store

When I was little, I hated December 26th. I had no idea what to do with myself the day after all the excitement of Christmas had passed. I just felt lost. It’s weird how all of these years later, that feeling still lingers a bit. Thankfully, adult-me appreciates spacious days of nothing-much-ness so much more than child-me, so I actually kind of love the day after a big event now. (More on that in just a sec.)

This weekend, Anjali and I held our Earth Magic for Uncertain Times Retreat. Our first-ever online version of our annual late fall/Samhain retreat. We explored Sacred Feminine Archetypes and the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether. We discovered how we can more fully embody spiritual magic and symbolism in our daily lives. We had the most beautiful group of 20 women join us and, though we truly missed being together in person, we agreed there were some benefits to being at home.

Some of the benefits that we discovered included:

· Creating a sacred space in our own homes and realizing that this space could be claimed for our ourselves permanently, even if it’s just a small corner;

· Seeing more clearly how we can weave the sacredness of retreat into the rituals and routines of our daily lives; and

· Coming out of the Goddess Closet and making a deeper connection between our spiritual selves and our “regular life” selves, and, in doing so, shining a light for other women to do the same for themselves.

On Friday evening, we made an agreement in the group that, while there was room for ALL of our feelings in the sacred space of the retreat, we would not be using this particular space to discuss what was happening in the political world.

Well, we had the best of intentions. But, we didn't expect that Saturday morning would bring BIG news that we received with irrepressible JOY. It seeped into our sacred container through the sounds of cheering and celebration coming from the streets outside one woman’s windows. It seeped in through a text that came through during a quick break. The election results washed into our retreat like a glorious river of pure, sweet, thirst-quenching water after four years in the desert, and our elation could not be contained.

Some of us watched the news on our breaks, some of us danced in the streets, some of us cried and cheered. And as a group, we adjusted our plans a little to accommodate the celebration. Because we really needed to celebrate.

And, oh my Goddess, it felt WONDERFUL to CELEBRATE.

So here I am writing this on Monday. It feels a little like December 26th. The day after the party. The day after the weekend of joy, retreat, and celebration. Still filled up with JOY and RELIEF but realizing it is time to get back to work.

I planned some spaciousness into this day to let it all sink in.

And now, we get back to work. Because the Goddess is out of the Closet, and that does not mean I am just sashaying around the living room and the grocery store with my oracle cards in full view (although YES to that too!).

It means we have work to do. Rebuilding our country. Dismantling the Patriarchy. Tearing down systemic racism. Protecting the rights of women, of Black people, of Indigenous people, of all People of Color, of our gay friends, of their marriages and families, of transgender folks, nonbinary folks, of immigrants. As a white woman, I am only just beginning to deeply understand in my bones how it is MY responsibility to do this work. And today, I am so grateful for the women of color, for the black women especially, who SHOWED up and MADE this historic voter turnout happen. But let’s keep this real- where are the white women? We have a lot of work to do. I am sharing a few things here that I am doing if you are ready to keep taking action with me.

The GODDESS IS OUT OF THE CLOSET. This is HER work. In our homes. In our jobs. At the voting booth. In the grocery store and everywhere else.

Lastly, I'd like to remind you that filling your own cup by devoting yourself to your own self-care and making time to connect with other women who are also on this sacred path is not indulgent. It is NECESSARY to ensure you are fully resourced to do your work in the world. You are always invited to circle with us if you feel called.

With so much love,


Important Right Now:

Action to help secure the vote in Georgia: (thank you to my dear friend, Sue Ann, for her tireless work and these recommendations)

Stacey Abrams is asking that we contribute to Her work has been legendary. Let's continue to support it wherever we can.

Reading right now:

My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem (the audio version of this is beautifully narrated)

Inspiring Women to follow: Chani Nicholas, Astrologer, Writer Rachel Ricketts, Racial Justice Educator, Spiritual Activist

Offerings to put on your calendar:

Anjali and I are hosting our next New Moon Sister Circle on Tuesday, November 17th, at 7 PM. This is a free offering to bring women together in ritual sacred space, set intentions for the next moon cycle, and support each other in our growth as we rise together in love.

We also have a beautiful Winter Solstice offering planned for you on December 20th that you can learn more about here.

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