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New Moon in Aries, finding the both/and, & finding each other

Happy New Moon in Aries and Happy Spring! My Aries Moon really vibes with this fresh initiating energy, and I'm feeling much more like NOW is the start of the new year (not 2 1/2 months ago in the dark of winter). Many of you know that I have been dreaming of creating a temple in the space above my barn for more than seven years, and last November, this dream became a reality. Since then, I have hosted several sacred gatherings for women in the Moonwilde Temple, and it has been nothing short of magical.

One of the things that became clear to me during one of our first gatherings was that women from nearly every part of my life were coming together to gather in the Temple. Sisters from other sacred communities I am a part of, dear friends from my health coaching school more than a decade ago, friends from my 20+ years working in the nonprofit housing world, real estate clients, fellow moms from way back in my days of holistic parenting and homeschooling communities. At one point, I looked around, and the realization of this took my breath away. For so long, we have been told we have to be THIS or THAT. Are you corporate or are you an entrepreneur? Are you a working mom or a stay-at-home mom? Vegan or Paleo? Are you Christian (Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim...) or are you a Witch? Are you mainstream or are you woowoo? Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? (just kidding...but not really). This never, ever felt comfortable to me. I never wanted to comply with any box. In highschool, I got great grades and I skipped school all the time and almost didn't graduate. I was accepted to college then decided not to go and worked in retail for a year. Then I decided to go and did great and got a corporate job. Then I quit and became a house cleaner for a few years. Then I became a singer-songwriter for five years and recorded an album. Then I became a nonprofit professional and stayed in that career for 20 years. But all the while, I was also trying on other things. Becoming certified as a health coach, opening a practice, hosting women's spiritual retreats, homeschooling my kids for 10 years, getting my real estate license, diving deep into the real estate world, and, most recently, becoming a Certified Senior Advisor to better serve my older adult real estate clients.

For the past 40 years (I'll be 55 this year), there was almost always a troubling thought running in the background of my brain- "what does anyone think of what this all means and how is anyone ever going to understand who the heck I am?" When I put myself out into the world and offered temple gatherings in my backyard, would people think, why is this realtor offering sacred women's circles? Or why is this witchy woo-woo circle guide selling my house? When I sat in the Temple in January and looked around at the incredible, magical women from so many parts of my life who had come together to drop into a sacred pause and tap into a deeper soul-sourced wisdom together, the question of how any of it made sense just dropped away. THIS was been the point of ALL of it. We are here to LIVE from our divine wisdom, from the deeper truth of who we are. And the truth is, acknowledging this and coming together to live this truth out loud in sacred circles brings the truth right up to the surface. We are the BOTH/AND. All of it is us. And even more importantly, when we live from our heart and follow the thread of our inspiration (even when it seems to make no sense on the surface) we FIND EACH OTHER. The more I align with my heart and the more I drop into the direct connection of my soul to the divine, the more I find and connect with other people who are listening to their own sacred wisdom. And that makes life SO much more beautiful and rewarding. Thank you for being part of the wonder of it all with me. xo

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