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Mercury Retrograde, New Moon, & The Extra Boost of Magic behind Days 22-28 of the Autumn Magic Guide

Let's dive into a few of the secrets behind the guide that will help you understand why Days 22-28 of our 40 Days of Autumn Magic are designed to align perfectly with the season and with the moon phases to give you an extra boost of magic as we journey deeper into Autumn together.

A special note- Mercury goes retrograde today (October 13th) until November 3rd. It is especially important to slow down and give important details your full attention right now. Communication and technology can get confusing during this time. The call of the new moon to rest is extra important as the days grow darker during this Mercury retrograde.

On Days 22 through 28 (October 13 to 19, 2020), the moon is in the phase of the dark, new moon of October 16th. We are moving away from the energy of focus and completion and into an introspective period of rest. This is a beautiful time to allow yourself to focus on spaciousness and reflection, feeling all that this moon phase has meant for you and tuning into your intuition about what you really need and desire right now.

On Days 22 and 23, the moon is in the earth sign of VIRGO, a sign of ANALYSIS. It is the perfect time to allow yourself to rest into a more grounded inquiry of how you are feeling about your home, your finances, and your physical surroundings. A deeper inquiry on these days could be, what small details in my home life could I shift to best support me right now?

On Days 24, 25, and 26, the moon is in the air sign of Libra, a sign of BALANCE and BEAUTY. We are working with the air energy of inspiration and harmony during this phase of the dark new moon. An opportunity for deeper inquiry here may be to ask yourself- how can I bring more beauty into my daily life and my surroundings? What would help me feel more aligned with my surroundings?

On Days 27 and 28, the moon is in the water sign of Scorpio, a sign of DESIRE. We may be feeling more intense and passionate but we could also feel more drained with the intensity of this emotional energy during the dark moon. This could be an interesting combination of energies to play with and a deeper inquiry now could be, how can I honor my desires and still honor my need to rest?

Remember that while the moon moves through the astrological signs every two and a half days, shifting the energy and influences, it is in a phase of rest and introspection of the dark, new moon for these seven days of our journey. It is a beautiful time to tune into our intuition and listen for the inner voice of our own deep knowing as we move into the darker days of late October and the season of the witch. The veils are thinning.

Check back next week for a deeper dive into Days 29-35 of the guide.


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