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Honoring my cyclical nature

How are you feeling about the upcoming blue moon in Aquarius moving in on Sunday? Did you know this full moon is one full of inspiration for radical change? How are you feeling about the approaching end of summer? About the current COVID uncertainty? I am feeling....hmmm.... a LOT! So I wanted to check in with you all about it and share some updates.

Retreat Update: What the heck with the pandemic?! Anjali and I had been excitedly planning our in-person November retreat at Sky Meadow. We put our first deposit down, we got our theme lined up, we were ready to open registration and now....we have made the sad but necessary decision to cancel this year's retreat. The current state of the pandemic feels suddenly very uncertain again so we reached out to several people to see if everyone was feeling the way we are and, without exception, we all feel this just is not the year for an in-person event in such close quarters. And so, we are already dreaming of 2022...stay tuned. Personal Update: The Lion's Gate of 8/8 kicked my butt! Do you know that feeling you have when it is time for some things to change but you are just kind of going along and going along and nothing seems really clear yet? Well, I've had that running in the background for a few months. Then, suddenly, leading up to the New Moon in Leo and the "Lion's Gate" portal on August 8th, everything became clear. Consciousness awakenings are weird, though, in that they often aren't what we were expecting or hoping for. In my case, the awakening I had was that, while I adore the moon circles I have been holding and the community we have been creating together, I need a break. That is hard for me to say because I don't want to quit on you (or on me) when I've promised something. On the other hand, I'd be completely out of alignment with my own inner knowing and spiritual growth if I didn't honor the call of my heart right now and step back for a bit. We are, after all, here together to remember that we are cyclical, seasonal beings. How could I possibly ignore my inner voice when it is reminding me of that? So what does this mean? For now, I know that I feel called to turn inwards for a time and put a pause on holding circles and events (I don't know yet for how long but I imagine at least through the fall and winter). I feel deeply called to turn towards my own seasonal and magical practices in a way that nourishes me and refuels my energy. I am called to be quiet for a time. Of course, that sounds like I am moving into a hut to meditate for the next six months, which I am most definitely not! I've got to see my daughter off to her first year of college and I've got to drive probably 10,000 miles chauffeuring my son around to his jobs and classes until he gets his license in 4 months (seriously, please pray it is only 4 months!). I've also begun a new real estate adventure supporting older adults through life transitions which has been very busy and very rewarding, and my "day job" in the nonprofit world hasn't gone anywhere yet either. So, if I'm not going to be in a cave in Southern France meditating with the Magdalene, what does "being quiet" look like for me right now? I'm trying to figure that out. As a beginning, I think it looks like this:

  • Renewing my sacred morning routine with less focus on what I have to teach and share and more attention towards listening.

  • Spending less time on social media, FOR SURE. I follow so many amazing and magical people but the amount of input is just too much right now. I am thinking of experimenting with taking Instagram and Facebook off my phone on the weekends or for a few days here and there and I just started reading this book.

  • Canceling a bunch of paid subscriptions for business and pleasure that don't feel relevant right now. (I actually did this last weekend and it feels FREEING!)

  • Cleaning out the garage and some other cluttered spaces in my home to make energetic space for new inspiration.

Circles and Moon Guides Update: So what does this mean for the New Moon Sister Circles and Monthly Moon Cycle Journal Guides? Well, I think it means, like Ross and Rachel, that we are on a break. :) Everything is now on pause until I know what comes next. At which time, I'll let you know what's next! And if there is something on offer, I'll offer it! And if it resonates, maybe you will accept and join me! ALSO, my dear soul-sister, Anjali, has many wonderful things planned for the remainder of the year, so please be sure you are on her list by visiting her site so you can stay up to date on lots of beautiful offerings! GRATITUDE! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being on this journey with me. It has been a winding road with changes and twists and turns and I just love all of you for jumping on this magical ride with me. I am deeply honored by your presence, your sharing, and your unconditional love and support for your sisters in our circles. When I'm ready, I'll be back. With so much love, Juli

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