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Full Pink Moon in Libra Ritual + Balance as a Messenger, not a Measuring Stick

Happy Full Pink Moon in Libra!

Named after the pink flowers that bloom in the early spring, this moon carries the energy of new beginnings and fresh starts. In the astrological sign of Libra, the Full Pink Moon invites us to find balance and harmony in our lives. Are you feeling the call for more balance? It makes sense, right? We are just past the equinox, the time of equal day and night. Balance in the sky and on the earth is calling us to consider balance in our lives and in our bodies.

I always feel that balance is a loaded term. An almost inevitable call to failure since nothing is ever perfectly in balance (at least not for more than a moment). But when I think of the yearning for balance as more of a messenger than a measuring stick, it feels more inviting and I am more inclined to consider what area of my life could use more balance.

Right now I've got one kid home from college for the Easter break and when the young adults come home, there are inevitably bigger meals, later dinners, and late nights spent on the couch watching movies together. It always seems like they pop home just when I was getting my sleep schedule and food really dialed in! But, these times fly by quickly, so balance for me right now looks like prioritizing this connection over my ideal health plan for a few days. (I'll have to think of a different plan when they both return home for the whole summer!)

A ritual to harness the energy of the Full Pink Moon in Libra:

  • Choose one area of your life that is feeling a lack of harmony or balance right now.

  • Ask the full moon to support your inner wisdom to shine its light onto one thing (a habit, a thought, an obligation etc...) that you can release to support feeling more balance and harmony in your life (I love to release thoughts!).

  • Write this one thing down and choose how to symbolically release it (set it in the window sill under the light of the moon overnight, set it on fire and watch it burn, tear it into shreds)

  • Thank the moon for its light and yourself for your wisdom

If you choose to do this ritual, I'd love to hear about it! Hit reply and let me know how it felt. Or, come to our next temple gathering on April 16th and share in person!

Happy releasing! xo,


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