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2 Gifts and 1 Job Today

It's Tuesday.  I know you know.  Tuesday is the day I send out my weekly email (maybe you did or didn't know).  So I've been thinking a lot about what I want to say to you on this particular Tuesday.  And, honestly, nothing sounds comforting enough or encouraging enough.  It seems like this day has been coming forever and we don't even know when we will know the result of this election.  I'm holding out hope for a blue landslide today but....we just don't know. So I thought it might be helpful to share two things with you.  The first offering I have for you today is a song. A dear friend shared this video with me last week.  I watched it and I wept with longing for being together with friends and loved ones in the sweetest way - traveling, drinking tea, making art, singing.  The song is The Lost Words Blessing and it brought me straight into the heart of what I love, what I miss, and what really matters.  I've been returning to it, again and again, to connect me to what feels truest about our life here on earth to me.

The second offering I have for you today is a gift. Our online at-home retreat is this weekend and Anjali and I want to make this offering accessible to as many women as possible. If you and a friend would feel supported by gathering together this weekend in a sacred circle of soulful women, we would like to offer you the opportunity to bring a friend to the retreat for free. You can register for yourself and gift your friend the retreat or even register with a friend and split the cost. For simplicity on our end, just have one of you register and pay full price ($99) and the other can register with the coupon code as your guest or pay you their half if you're splitting it. Here is the link: Here is the coupon code:  bringafriend We will be:

  • Holding a sacred fire ritual

  • Exploring the magic of Sacred Feminine Archetypes

  • Softening into a deeply restorative yoga class

  • Playing with tarot and oracle cards; and

  • Diving into guided meditation, visualizations, and journaling

We would be honored to have you join us.  Our hope is that we will be celebrating but, no matter what happens today, we will be finding our way forward together with love, connection, ritual, and magic and you will be in our hearts.  With love, Juli PS- #VOTEHIMOUT !! (That's the 1 job!)


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