Welcome!  I'm so glad you're here.

You are here for a reason.  It may not be the reason you think or the one you expected.   But I know it is the one you were born for.

Hi. I'm Juli.

I used to think I was a type-A extrovert who could keep my spice cabinet alphabetized and be happy giving cooking lessons
as a nutrition coach.


I was WRONG.

young woman with a vintage suitcase in t

Meet Juli

Alchemical Collaborators

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Are you a soulful, magical woman who might like to collaborate with us?  Would you like to co-host an event?  Contribute a blog post?  Be on an upcoming episode of the podcast?  Get in touch- we would love to talk!


Juli Ford

Juli is a Circle Priestess, a Spiritual Life Coach, a Retreat Leader, and a Writer.  She is the co-founder of the Soul Journey Collective and the Circle with Us gatherings and events, the host of the Guided by the Goddess Podcast (coming in 2021), and the creator of The Goddess Class (2021).

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Anjali Budreski

Anjali is a Soul Coach, a Yoga Teacher, a writer, and the co-founder of the Soul Journey Collective and Circle With Us gatherings and events.  Her next Soul Support Collective program launches in January 2021.  Visit her website to learn more about her offerings.

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