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Welcome!  I'm so glad you're here.

Have you heard it too?  That voice that tells you your life is about so much more than your job, your house, or your to-do list?  I have created the Moonwilde community to offer a way for us to bring the divine into our days and bring our unique magic into the world.

There is a sacred system available to all of us and it is available to tune into at any moment.  By remembering (and nurturing) our relationship with the moon, the stars, the seasons, and the unseen language of our own divinity, we can create lives that feel more magical and meaningful. The most beautiful way I know to do this is in sacred space together.

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Meet Juli

Alchemical Collaborators

Would you like to co-create with us?

Are you a soulful, magical woman who might like to collaborate with us?  Would you like to co-host an event?  Contribute a blog post?  Be on an upcoming podcast episode?  

Get in touch- we would love to talk!

Juli Ford

Juli is a Ceremonial Temple Guide, a Holistic Health Coach, a Retreat Leader, and a Writer.  She is the founder of the Moonwilde Temple of the Rose in Massachusetts and co-leader with Anjali Budreski of an annual fall Samhain retreat for women in Vermont.

Juli is a student of the 13 Moon Lineage of Priestesses and has participated in Temple Guide Training through the Priestess Presence Temple and School of Sacred Arts. She is also a student of Rosa Mystica, a living mystery school of Scent Priestesses and Magdalenas walking the way of love in the world.

"It is an embodiment based upon the alchemical teachings of Magdalene and Yeshua;
together, they seeded a sacred technology that, when embodied, blossoms as a fragrant mystical rose within us …
a fragrance, a presence that cannot help but exude beauty."
-Rosa Mystica Mystery School

When she is not holding retreats and temple circles or studying Tarot and Priestessing, Juli is a Life Transitions Realtor and Certified Senior Advisor with Dovetail Companies, supporting older adults in envisioning their next steps and helping them plan for major life transitions.  You can visit Juli's real estate page here.

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